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We are committed to providing our clients with exceptional Tree Care. I strive to understand our customers specific needs, and aim to provide effective service..

M J Tree Service has an uncompromised adherence to the highest standards of quality assurance, and a culture of quality that demands that we do things right – the first time, on-time, and every time. This culture has ensured our success in providing the ultimate standards of Customer Satisfaction! 

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Mario Lucchetti has been in the Tree Maintenance business for a dozen years,
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We are an Arizona full service tree care and tree removal company, serving commercial, residential and governmental clients. Our Phoenix tree service offers professional care at a reasonable price. 

We take great pride in delivering affordable land clearing and the highest quality tree service Phoenix offers.

Our staff consists of highly trained professionals including Certified Arborists and Certified Tree Workers. 

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With 3+ years' experience, we are one of Arizona's Top Tree Experts! Do you want to keep your trees forever? Let us show you how and save you money. We are among the best tree service Scottsdale, Chandler and Phoenix has to offer. 

Stop shopping around for the better price, we are the best and most affordable tree service Scottsdale AZ has around - plus, we serve Phoenix and Chandler too.

Please take a look through our gallery and read through our services. We're sure to offer what you're looking for in tree removal, tree care, tree trimming and many more tree services. Get the best Phoenix tree services today. 

Emergency Tree service

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Thunderstorms, windy weather, snowstorms and extremes in temperature can all affect the health of trees on your property. Adverse and exteme weather conditions may cause a tree to fall over, Get Estimatemay cause major breakage of limbs, may cause a tree to fall atop a roadway, fence or other structure, or may uproot a tree and cause it to lean dangerously or expose its root system, creating a safety hazard for both pedestrians and traffic. In any of these cases, you need to call for emergency tree service before anyone is hurt or you are facing a lawsuit for damages.